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One Theory Product Questions

Is One Theory for People & Planet a clean beauty brand?

Oh yes! One Theory for People & Planet is a clean beauty brand that supports the skincare needs of all skin types. Our products are vegan (unless they contain lanolin or beeswax), paraben-free, formaldehyde donor-free, fragrance-free, phthalate-free, and do not contain irritating artificial colors or other ingredients. We do use certified organic raw ingredients when and where we can, but our products are not currently certified organic.

Where are One Theory for People & Planet products formulated and manufactured?

Our products are conceived, batched, tested, and packed with love in Florida and Texas, USA.

My products appear to be a different color, scent, or consistency from when I last ordered them. Are these legit?

Our products are made of premium natural ingredients, so some differences may be seen from batch to batch. Color variation in nature is very common. It is similar to how apples picked on the East Coast or in Spring may be a brighter red than apples picked on the West Coast during a rainy season—although both apples are internally the same. Color can be impacted by the country the raw material comes from, the type of soil the material was grown in, moisture, heat, and many, many other factors. The more natural ingredients in the formula, the greater the color variation may be. Rest assured these variations will have no impact on the performance of your formula or its safety.

How do I store One Theory for People & Planet products?

Allow your products rest at room temperature after unboxing. Shipping trucks and warehouses can be warm and can cause sensitive products to settle or separate. No worries! A gentle shake or quick stir will set things right again. Store your product away from direct sunlight, and always tightly close your lids and tops to preserve the shelf life of your product.

How do I get the best out of my One Theory for People & Planet serums?

  • Skin serums work best when used on clean, toned skin. After cleansing and toning, apply your favorite One Theory serum (or combo!) to your face using gentle, circular and upward strokes.
  • Remember, our skin-boosting formulas are concentrated. Just 3-5 drops are needed to cover the entire face. Our serums work best on freshly cleansed skin. If you have a problem with layering on moist skin, then try allowing each serum to fully absorb and dry before layering another one, or adding the next product or makeup.
  • Do not rub serum into your face using the palms of your hands. We recommend using just one or two fingers to work in your serum to avoid wasting your product.
  • Go for consistent, twice daily use. Apply your serums in the morning before makeup and at night before bed for best results.

Do you test on animals?

One Theory for People & Planet is 100% cruelty-free skin care. We do not test on animals—other than humans, of course. We only source from suppliers with a commitment to cruelty-free sourcing as well.

I like to try a smaller bottle before I commit. Do you have samples?

Not right now—but we’re definitely working on it!

What’s the shelf life of my One Theory for People & Planet product?

Unopened and if stored properly, your product should have a minimum two-year shelf life. After opening, our products are good for the time provided on the period-after-opening date on the jar, which is usually 12-24 months. Because many of our products come in airless containers, your product is able to stay fresher for longer—even after opening. No cross-contamination from the moist bathroom air, or your finger going for dips!

I’m pregnant or nursing, can I use One Theory for People & Planet?

Congratulations, Mama! Our products are generally safe for pregnant and nursing mothers—but we always recommend double-checking all products with your obstetrician or health care provider. Retinol-based serums are generally not recommended during pregnancy—so we’d suggest avoiding those serums in our range. With your hormones in overdrive and your body going through changes, even products that you’ve safely used in the past may cause irritation during this sensitive time for your body. Always double and triple check with your doctor.

How do I know that I’ve purchased a legitimate One Theory product?

The best way to avoid counterfeit products is to purchase directly from our website or from one of our authorized distributors and retailers. We cannot guarantee the quality or authenticity of products purchased from the open market.

One Theory Order/Shipping Questions

Where’s my order?

When you placed your order, you should have received a shipment confirmation email with your tracking number. Don’t see an email? Check your spam/junk folder. Still having trouble? Let us help! Please reach out to our customer care team at and we’ll look into it for you!

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we offer hassle-free returns on all One Theory for People & Planet skincare items. If you’d like to request a return for incorrect, damaged or otherwise faulty items, reach out to our customer care team at within 7 days of receiving your order for a refund. Refunds will be credited to the original credit card or method of payment.

If you’d like to request a return for any other reason, reach out to our customer care team within 30 days of receiving your order for a refund on the purchase price, minus shipping, handling, gift wrap, and other charges. Refunds will be credited to the original credit card or method of payment. (Go to Returns, for more info.

When will (my favorite product) be in stock?

Soon, we hope! Join OneTribe to receive our emails and product notifications so that you’ll always know what we’re up to!