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La Rituelle by One Theory| Kojic Acid & Green Tea Replenishing Cream Moisturizer 2 oz


Brand Name: One Theory for People & Planet

Model: La Rituelle

UPC: 850011162057



When to Seize the Moment: Use after cleansing or treatment serums, morning, and night, to gently improve your skin’s elasticity and miniaturization.

How to Seize the Moment: For best results, apply moisturizer to clean, toned, moist skin. Spread moisturizer by gently rubbing palms together to create an even layer of product. Apply to your face, concentrating on the driest areas most. Pro Tip: Add a touch of water to the face to boost miniaturization and spreadability.

Dear Tribe: Our products are made of premium natural ingredients, so some color differences may be seen from batch to batch. Color can be impacted by the country the raw material comes from, the type of soil the material was grown in, moisture, heat, and many, many other factors. The more natural ingredients in the formula, the greater the color variation may be. Rest assured that color variations will have no impact on the performance of your formula.

Safety Information

For external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Immediately discontinue use if skin sensitivity occurs. Store in a cool, dark place out of reach of children.


La Rituelle™ is perfect for those with dry, uneven skin who are seeking a moisturized, radiant complexion.


Let your products set at room temperature after unboxing. Shipping trucks and warehouses can be warm and can cause sensitive products to settle or separate. No worries! A gentle shake or quick stir will set things right again. Store your product away from direct sunlight, and always tightly close your lids and tops to preserve the shelf life of your product. Always perform a Patch Test prior to use.

Legal Disclaimer

Before using any skin care product, dab a small amount of the product just behind your ear to make sure the formula does not irritate your skin. Wait 24 hours, and use only if there are no signs of irritation.

Remember, our skin may need time to adjust to new formulas and ingredient combinations. Some temporary dryness, soft blushing or light peeling may occur initially, especially with Retinol or Glycolic formulas. Many of the formulas in our One Theory range are also concentrated with peptide actives, so skip a day if you experience uncomfortable dryness or other skin sensitivity issues. Discontinue use if you are especially sensitive to these formulas, or if the sensitivity does not subside on its own.


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