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Our Commitment to People and Planet

At One Theory, our goal is to work to build a safer, cleaner world in a truly sustainable way. We know that supply chains that borrow from the earth must be sustainable so that the earth can continue to thrive for the benefit of us all. It is critical that we always consider and weigh the pressing demands of today with the needs of those who will one day come after us. We believe that our farmers, chemists and manufacturing partners are critical toward helping us reach these goals. This Code of Ethics explains how we expect all suppliers to work with us to achieve those ends—together—for people and planet.

  1. Follow the Rules
    One Theory expects our global supply chain partners to always “follow the rules” and obey all applicable laws and regulations wherever it is they may operate.  Always Be aware of the rules and regulations that apply to your business, and do what it takes to follow them.
  2. Play Fair
    One Theory expects all supply chain partners to be honest, trustworthy and transparent. No bribes, kickbacks or other shenanigans. Keep accurate and honest records.
  1. Be Straight
    Honest communication is so important. Always keep us in the loop so that we’re aware of possible disruptions with your service or supply chain.
  2. Stand for People & Planet
    We consider our suppliers to be like family. Family takes care of one another. We expect our suppliers to maintain a safe and productive working environment. That means no forced labor and fair wages for all workers.
    One Theory supply chain partners must do everything possible to reduce their impacts on the environment so that it remains a great place to live.  Help us reduce deforestation, minimize greenhouse gases, and reduce the use of single use plastics when and wherever we can.
  1. Protect Your Reputation (and Ours!)
    We expect our suppliers to do the right thing and make us look good—and we’ll do the same! Avoid questionable business procedures and practices that would cast doubt on your (and our) integrity.
    If you see or suspect any conduct or business practices that you think could violate our Code of Ethics, please contact One Theory directly.